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Moolji Jaitha College

"An Autonomous College Affiliated to K.B.C. North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon."
NAAC Re-Accrediated Grade "A+" CGPA 3.15 (3rd Cycle) | UGC Honoured "College of Excellence" |
"Star College" by Ministry of Science and Technology


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     ViViDhaTa is an acronym for Vishwa-Vigyan-Dharma-Tatvic Adhishthan. It signifies divinity. This centre aims at transforming young minds into universal spiritual souls and imbibing within them, the principles of scientific aptitude, human values and world’s divine philosophies. For this purpose, it has initiated various activities –

  • For the sake of acquiring fast track mathematical calculations during competitive examinations, the students are made well versed in ‘Vedic’

  •  By screening inspirational documentaries, the students are acquainted to national and international philosophies.

  •  Personality and spiritual development programmes are arranged regularly.

  •  For the sake of enhancement of skills such as vocabulary, communication, stage daring, etc., reciting competitions are held (manaache shlok and Geeta pathan) for school and college students.


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