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Rapid changes are taking place in the field of Competitive Examinations like MPSC / UPSC / GRE / BANKING and many more such examinations for which the students have to appear for their bright future and career opportunities after graduation.

Normally students start to prepare for such examination after Graduation, but if they start preparing right from the years of doing graduation then they will be well prepared and will be in a position to achieve great success.

It is also observed that the students from rural areas do not have the required facilities at their places and so they cannot prepare properly as there are many challenges in going to the Metro cities for the preparation of these examinations.

Keeping this view in mind M. J. College, Jalgaon is providing these online tests at very reasonable prices so that the students from rural areas can also afford it and get the best quality material for the preparation in their hands with ease.

These ONLINE Practice Tests are available at a very reasonable cost to all the Undergraduate / Postgraduate students of this college as well as to all those who are appearing for such examinations.

The candidate has to perform well in the above Competitive examinations for getting best possible career opportunities. Though there are many coaching institutes / tuition centers in Maharashtra, very few are well-prepared to handle the tall challenge of coaching for these examinations. The approach and methodology of preparing for these examinations are totally different than that required for regular College or University examination.

Besides that, since the syllabus for these exams is very vast and an examination pattern has a negative marking system it becomes very important to continuously test the level of preparation by solving as many tests as possible along with the proper coaching.

While preparing for these examinations a robust testing system has to be used. This need is precisely satisfied by M. J. College through the ONLINE Practice Tests.

These tests are designed and developed by the experts with many years of experience in the field of coaching and conducting tests for these Examinations with a grand success. ONLINE Practice tests is an excellent solution for students to prepare themselves to handle the challenge of all the competitive examinations.

Using this system student can give Subject-wise tests for each subject in the syllabus to know the level of understanding of that subject and know the level of difficulty of questions in the final examination. Using the Full Portion Tests, students can practice for the exact nature of paper, speed to solve the questions and develop their skills to achieve success.

Many successful candidates across Maharashtra have used these practice tests as a part of their preparation for final examinations. We are confident that these tests will be helpful for improving the performance of the candidate.


Online Practice Tests

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