Khandesh College Education Society's
Moolji Jaitha College

"An Autonomous College Affiliated to K.B.C. North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon."
NAAC Re-Accrediated Grade "A+" CGPA 3.15 (3rd Cycle) | UGC Honoured "College of Excellence" |
"Star College" by Ministry of Science and Technology


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     Excellence in core mission activities of teaching and service will continue to be the primary focus.
     Future development will be built on our strength in the academic disciplines, providing innovative responses to critical needs and making cost effective use of our resources.
     The focus area will be courses that bring values to the students from diverse fields.
     We will undertake innovative multidisciplinary initiatives in order to strengthen its contributions to instructions and public services. These activities will be selected because they promise to result in unique opportunities for us and are of great social significance.
     We are engaged in a process of inter-nationalization of the curriculum that will yield exciting opportunities for research and instructions.


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