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Moolji Jaitha College

"An Autonomous College Affiliated to K.B.C. North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon."
NAAC Re-Accrediated Grade "A+" CGPA 3.15 (3rd Cycle) | UGC Honoured "College of Excellence" |
"Star College" by Ministry of Science and Technology


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Knowledge Genie:


MJCollege Library


     Your College runs a unique reference service to benefit all knowledge seekers. Each year, one bright student each from each department is appointed as Knowledge Genie who would work two hours a day during 4pm to 6pm in the library.
     If you have any query regarding your subject or a research problem is troubling you, you can avail this service by leaving the query with the Knowledge Genie during the above mentioned timings and the Knowledge genie will search and locate the desired information for you. This service is also absolutely free!! By the way should you desire to work as a Knowledge Genie contact your department head and the Librarian?



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