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"An Autonomous College Affiliated to K.B.C. North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon."
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Moolji Jaitha College Library


How to get your books issued?


     The Library has two sections, the UG library and the PG library in the top floor. While the books in the PG library are open for access for the PG students, the UG library is not.


For UG students:


     If you are a student of any undergraduate program of the college, you should first search for the book you need through OPAC note down its details such as book number, title of the book, and name of the author and fill in a library slip (available at the issue counters in the ground floor) and drop it in the drop box on any day from Monday to Friday before the time deadline.
     The library staff in turn would collect all the slips, take out the books from their locations and keep it ready at the counters for you. The next day you could collect your book at the counter. You are entitled to collect one book at a time.


For PG students:


     The PG library of the college is an open access system. That is to say the postgraduate students are permitted to directly approach the bookshelves and choose the book they desire. This is apart from the OPAC feature that is also equally available in the PG section.




     You should return the book within eight days, lest a penalty of Rs.2/- per day will be levied on you. You can always take another book by returning the book issued on your name. Please note that it is vitally important to properly care for the book/s issued in your name.
     The library will not accept books in torn or worn out condition. Hence check the book for any lost pages before you accept the book on your name. In case a book is lost by you, you are either to replace that book with another copy by procuring it from the market or you have to pay five times the price of the book as penalty.



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