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Bachelor of Vocation - Green House Technology


B.Voc.-Green House Technology Syllabus    

F Y B.Voc. (60+40 Pattern)        
Semester – I        
GHT 111 Introduction to Greenhouse Technology        
Practical Course        
GHT 112 Greenhouse Structural Design and Construction        
GHT 113 Greenhouse and Shade Net House Management        
Semester – II        
GHT 121 Greenhouse Agrotechniques and Crop Cultivation        
Practical Course        
GHT 122 Cultivation of Vegetable and Flower Crops in Greenhouse        
GHT 123 Horticultural Techniques in Greenhouse
S Y B.Voc. (60+40 Pattern)        
Semester – III        
GHT-231 Greenhouse design construction and management        
Practical Course        
GHT-232 Greenhouse structural design and construction        
GHT-233 Greenhouse and shed net house management        
Semester – IV        
GHT-241 Cropproduction-experiential learning in greenhouse        
Practical Course        
GHT-242 Design and installation of modern irrigation systems        
GHT-243 Experiential learning in greenhouse
T Y B.Voc. (60+40 Pattern)        
Semester – V        
GHT-351 Pre Harvest Techniques of Green house Crops        
GHT-352 Harvesting Techniques of Vegetable Crops        
GHT-353 Harvesting Techniques of Cut Flowers        
GHT-354 Post Harvest Techniques of Green house Crops        
GHT-355 Post Harvest Techniques of Vegetable Crops        
GHT-356 Post Harvest Techniques of Cut Flowers        
Practical Course        
GHT-357 Pre-Harvest Management of Green House Crops, Vegetables and Cut Flowers        
GHT-358 Post Harvest Management of Green House Crops, Vegetables and Cut Flowers        
GHT-359 Quantitative, Qualitative and Sensory Evaluation of Green House Crops        
Semester – VI        
GHT-361 Green house vegetable processing        
GHT-362 Quality analysis of vegetables and cut Flowers        
GHT-363 Process of Implementation of HACCP in an Industry        
GHT-364 Preservation by drying and dehydration of vegetables and flowers        
GHT-365 Food Laws, Standards, International Food Regulations and Certifications        
GHT-366 Packaging and Labeling; Laws of Value added Products        
Practical Course        
GHT-367 Post Harvest and Value addition of Vegetables and cut flowers        
GHT-368 Value addition of Green House Vegetables and Cut Flowers        
GHT-369 Quality determination of green house vegetables and cut flowers

Certificate Course in Plant Tissue Culture Syllabus    

Paper I – Plant Tissue Culture Paper - I        
Paper II - Plant Tissue Culture Paper - II        
Paper III - Practical Course - Plant Tissue Culture Paper - III


B. Voc. - Green House Technology

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